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OH-SO is about finding new perspectives and skills. So, if you’re a curious mind or a digital talent, we encourage you to connect. You could think of our hubs as physical studios – or as time zones if you are more of a remote person.

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We are pretty much like our name suggests: optimistic, euphoric, with big childlike eyes for great ideas and gorgeous detail on the one hand and profoundly solution-oriented (almost obsessed) with optimisation on the other – striving for that little bit beyond the standard in everything. Boom. And yes, there is, of course, more to these four letters. In our cultural mantra, for instance, you see them as initials for our four fundamental values.

The Oh-So Cultural Mantra


Ownership is the first O, not the second. See? Because out of our essentials, it’s the most existential one. This company grows through personal autonomy; through intuitively taking steps forward without waiting for the guiding process; through optimism, put into practice – or creativity, so to say. We encourage every talent to steer their own ship while sailing with the collective fleet. Because we believe in that kind of accountability that transforms tasks into crafts to be cherished.


Ever been searching for a nice restaurant in a city you’re visiting for the first time? Then you are familiar with the heuristic approach: finding good solutions in a short time without having all the information. That’s how we tackle problems. With a dynamic spirit that aims for immediate, effective proximities while trusting in the power of iteration. Heuristic thinking is a call for curiosity, for intentional experimentation; and if we end up in the wrong restaurant – well, next time we know.


Wait. It’s not about rushing, it’s not about actionism. At the heart of digital, speed is about cascading possibilities. We navigate them with a positive exploratory mindset and a sense for finding fruitful outcomes, fast. Let’s push things forward. Isn’t that fantastic? Isn’t it great to come up with an idea and test it directly, rather than aligning on a format for gatherings to establish a foundation for a process that might, one day, lead to something new? Quick answer: yes.


To make things better in this world, you first have to reflect. Such a corresponding approach can only emerge from the chorus of different perspectives, in which improvements are sought collectively. And it’s more than just a group thing: everyone can start with it right away, because openness is a commitment to the free exchange of information, to actively cultivating a space where dialogue thrives and every voice is heard and oh-so valued.


Team OH–SO

Technically, we are a start-up, even though some of us already have a collaborative track record in envisioning and building digital products, platforms, and communications. Actually, we are a scale-up, building on long-term commitment and optimistically focused on the path ahead that we share together.



We take our first steps with strong cultural hubs in Hamburg, Berlin, and Prague. However, we will reach out to wherever the talent may be. In parallel, there is our close-to-client approach — the idea of building small, flexible entities that work closely together, even onsite. Beyond that, we are just open. Not strictly near-shore, off-shore, on-site, off, or no-site. Without a fixed model of how it must work, we find the right setting to deliver value.

Not part of, but backed by WPP.

“We are pleased to support OH-SO Digital, an extraordinarily ambitious and experienced team. They have complete access to the offshore resources, technical expertise, and strategic partnerships of WPP.”

Mark Read, CEO of WPP Group

— Excited to live up to that one, Mark!

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